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Crescent Gastroliver & General Hospital
Aim & Objective

The main objectives of the center are:

  • Patient care
  • Community care
  • Advocacy & awareness on scientific evidence based management in Liver & GI diseases
  • Training
  • Research

The aim is to offer world class patient care in Gastroenterology & Hepatology related disorders. To achieve this the center is well equipped with advanced technology and dedicated faculty, subspecialized in different areas of the discipline.

Another objective of the center is to produce dedicated, competent, specialist interventionists in the field of Gastroenterology & Hepatology. The center has created scopes for new fellows & residents to avail hands on training and experiencing skill in different diagnostic & therapeutic GI & hepatology procedures and interventions. The center hosted some CME programs- workshops, live demonstrations and took part in various national & international conferences. It has the credit of accommodating country's leading top interventionist and subject leaders, and acquiring advanced endoscopic technical know-how.

Another goal of this center is preventive gastroenterology/hepatology; to prevent various preventable gastrointestinal and liver disorders. We travel to remote rural areas for advocacy & awareness on scientific evidence based management in Liver & GI diseases. Our expert hepatologists & gastroenterologists, as well as other specialist physicians attend these Liver/health camps for consultation on gratis.

We have provision for scientific research in the discipline with our dedicated and experienced scientists. Currently our research wing is in the process of collaborating with some foreign universities, and renowned national research centers. We are assessing, analyzing clinical, epidemiological data of our inpatients, outdoor patients, and community level information in the discipline targeting the research output to be fruitfully translated in to clinical benefit to the nation as a whole.

ERCP management in Bile duct injury

It was really a tough case. The pt had Lap Chole on 15 Nov, Bile duct injury happened then. Everybody missed it. She had pain, nausea+vomiting since then. She was a bit icteric. Ascites was discovered on USG (collection), and it was aspirated. Operating surgeon, Internal medicine specialist was following up. Finally a `would be Gastroenterologist' saw her, got a MRCP done. It revealed stricture at CBD, dilated CHD & IHBT, and evidence of bile leakage at the level of cystic duct. It wasn't easy to cannulate, and we could negotiate the guide wire upto CHD+IHBT with difficulty. Finally we put a 10frX10cm plastic biliary stent and free flow of bile was established.