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Crescent Gastroliver & General Hospital
Mission & Vision
Crescent Gastroliver & General Hospital is committed to providing all aspects of GI & liver care, including advanced gastrointestinal & hepatobiliary-pancreatic surgeries maintaining international standards at affordable cost and with the best results. The Hospital will work closely with the community to educate people to healthy lifestyles, to prevent liver diseases and to healthy dietary habits & safe drinking water.

Our mission is to deliver world class health care by creating a centre of excellence. We aspire to create an ethical & safer environment to treat all with respect and dignity. The goal is to follow global norms for evidence-based best practice, and striving for safer and more effective treatments. The Hospital is governed under the guiding principles of providing affordable medical services to patients with care, compassion & commitment.

We are striving to bring world class healthcare in the discipline of Gastroenterology & Hepatology within the reach of every individual.

ERCP management in Bile duct injury

It was really a tough case. The pt had Lap Chole on 15 Nov, Bile duct injury happened then. Everybody missed it. She had pain, nausea+vomiting since then. She was a bit icteric. Ascites was discovered on USG (collection), and it was aspirated. Operating surgeon, Internal medicine specialist was following up. Finally a `would be Gastroenterologist' saw her, got a MRCP done. It revealed stricture at CBD, dilated CHD & IHBT, and evidence of bile leakage at the level of cystic duct. It wasn't easy to cannulate, and we could negotiate the guide wire upto CHD+IHBT with difficulty. Finally we put a 10frX10cm plastic biliary stent and free flow of bile was established.